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Chapter 15

The birthday party that she was so looking forward to wasn’t really a party. It was more like a family gathering. The mood was far from a festival one. Everyone was serious-looking and being polite to one another.

Relative, friends and visitors were all trying hard to be friendly to one another. Lessie could just sense it.

Although she was glad that everyone was there, she could not help wondering just how long they are going to be like this before someone starts an argument again. Are they really united now?

Or could it be that the feeling of greed and jealousy were so strong in almost all humans that only hypocrisy can help maintain a relationship?

Looking at them, she could read their minds, thoughts and feeling in each and everyone one of them! False, insincerity, foolish pride, hypocrisy…….

…then she felt someone grabbing her shoulders…

“Hey-don’t tell me you are a dreamer as well now – and on your birthday too! Come on girl! This is your big day!”
It was Robin.

“No! I”m not. I was just watching these people and wondering what type of conversation they must be having and what they must be thinking of each other!”

“Don’t worry Lessie---your entire secret is safe with me!” Robin said and smiled as he used his right palm to pat his left chest.

“Anyway—I have a birthday present that would make you fat and another that would stop you from day-dreaming!”

He handed Lessie a big box of chocolate and a story book!
She thanked him, gave him a big warm smile and felt so lucky to have a warm human as a friend, as she recalled everything that happened on the way to her grandparent’s.

~The End~

Chapter 14

She opened her eyes, and there was Robin beside her. Then she realized that she was lying on the ground..

“Where, where am I?” she stammered.

Robin helped her up and said,
“Lessie! What have you done to yourself? Look at yourself! Your head’s bruised and your fingers bleeding? Are you trying to kill yourself? Everyone’s looking for you. Your family is very worried because your big party is tonight and they don’t know where you are!”

With a surprise look, Lessie asked,

“What? What party? What are you talking about? Where are all the animals? Are you joking with me?”

Robin gave a laugh and,
“Ha—you must have bumped your head and lost your memory! But then you recognize me! Hahahahah! You are the only one who has forgotten your own birthday Lessie!”
“Oh dear!” Lessie moaned.”What time is it Robin? Take me home now. I promise I will tell you everything later.”

Chapter 13

All the animals knew then that was the time to strike – and strike with all the power and might that they have to destroy this evil witch once and for all! The great eagle, who rescued Lessie, took off and with a few flaps of his giant wings, was soon above the destroyed castle.

However, from the distance she knew that the evil witch was far from defeated. She was fighting back with more will of a desperate force!

“Oh no!” she cried. “Please help us to destroy this evil force that is destroying this beautiful world!” she prayed.

She had to do something, yet her mind was all blank. The adventure that she had been going through was weakening her, yet she knew that the animals would be beaten if nothing was done to change the balance of the war.

In near desperation, she climbed the hill to have a better look at the battle that was raging while worrying and thinking of possible way to defeat the witch.

On higher ground, she could have a better look of the area. With the continuing melting snow and the clearing of the dark clouds, she could see the brightening vast areas of the land that was once under the control of the white witch.

She could see the sun ray shining its beautiful yellow ray of lights giving life to the plants and trees. The green leaves were beginning to appear again.

She looked up to the sky and was smiling at the sun she missed so much! Then, a strong beam of light from the sun shone on her,, suddenly a bright band of rainbow colour formed an aurora of lights which was reflected from Lessies’s face. This beam of reflected rainbow lights redirected itself to the white dragon!

Lessie was so surprised with this event. She was even more surprised at the weakening dragon which was slowly crumbling to the ground.

It tried to get up but the ray of rainbow lights shone even brighter. The legs of the dragon were obviously too weak to even support the weight of its body.

Dust was flying about as the dragon flapped its wings in a desperate attempt to take off. Its long tail was also slowing down in its swings! It was screeching madly and loudly, shaking its head in anger. The movements seemed to be slower as it became weaker and weaker!

Seeing the new development, all the animals gathered and agreed to attack the dragon together.

With their war cries, they all stood by to attack the dragon from all sides, planning to give it no chance to retaliate.

However, before it the animals could even take the first step, the dragon stopped moving as if frozen. Then, starting from its tail, the dragon slowly transformed to ice. Within less than a minute, the dragon turned to ice and looked more like a stature sculptured from ice!

Then, a loud “aaaauuuuuuuu’ filled the air. The brown wolf gave a howl to signal the animals to smash the iced dragon to pieces so that it had no chance to return.
Within minutes, the huge ice that was once a dragon was smashed to pieces – and it was also beginning to melt from the sun ray.

Then Lessie saw that the rainbow started to move and was spreading itself across the region giving life to the land.

Flowers were blooming, leaves and grass were growing, streams and rivers were flowing again. The birds were singing and the world became brighter.

All the animals gathered together once again. They were all sitting and resting and enjoying the scenery that was slowly forming in front of them. Their old world that was taken away by the white witch was returning - the world that they missed so much – sunshine and greenery!

Everything turned beautiful again!

For once, they felt so peaceful.
The majestic eagle which rescued Lessie was gliding in the sky, enjoying the view. Then he remembered and saw Lessie. With a gentle sweep of his wings, the eagles swooped gracefully and landed in front of Lessie and said,

“We can never thank you enough for all your help and the good deed you have done. You have given back our world and our life!”

Lessie’s happy face lit up, looked at the eagle, smiled, and said,

“ Ahh, my friend, everything is possible – when we have faith !”
Then she heard a human voice – a kind and friendly human voice finally!

“Lessie? Is that really you? Are you ok?”, that sounded very familiar to Lessie. Then the voice continued.

“Hey! You recognize me? I’m Robin! Your neighbor and also your brown wolf friend!”
Lessie was indeed pleased to see a familiar face and she actually wanted so much to hug her friend, but she controlled herself. Robin continued explaining,

“Do you remember when I told you that I was cursed by the witch to be a fur scarf? Then you helped to give me life, although as a brown wolf? And when finally everything was back to normal with your help, I became my original self again – your friend from your neighborhood!

Robin continued his explanation…
“You see Lessie, the King of Universe have chosen you to be the savior of this world. Only you can undo the entire evil spell that was casted by that evil witch! Don’t ask me how or why – but that’s the way it is. You were the chosen one!”

The two were walking along a path in the woods as they were talking. Then Robin bent down to pick a beautiful rose. He turned to Lessie and presented the rose to her. As Lessie took the rose from Robin, a thorn from the twig pricked one of her fingers and she gave a loud painful cry!

With concern in his eyes, Robin turned to Lessie and asked,
“Are you okay? That sounded painful?”
Lessie replied with a bright smile,
“I’m alright –really! I should have been more careful. It’s my fault, don’t worry!”
“Lessie, are you okay?”

Robin’s voice seemed to be louder and louder, almost like the booming of a thunder!
Puzzled, Lessie said to herself,
“Oh no! What can be happening now? Isn’t it all over?” She felt as if she was fainting.

Chapter 12

Within seconds she could feel the cold wind rushing pass her face. She thought this would be probably be her last day. The wall of the castle simply passed her by and the fall seemed endless.

Then, from the sky came a screeching sound and a majestic eagle came swooping down out of nowhere , rocketing down as if catching a prey, but this time, its talons grabbed hold of the jacket collar worn by Lessie. With a loud call, it swooped down and up again bringing the girl to a safe distance from the evil castle.

Indeed, the eagle must have her earlier call to help her and the brown wolf.
From the air, her earlier tears turned to a smile as she enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the land. Some soil is beginning to appear as the snow melted away. Rocks were beginning to be seen on the mountain sides. Snow was falling from the branches of the trees.

Then she remembered, “ My friend ! The brown wolf !!”. She shouted in concern.
The voice of the eagle boomed above her,

“Don’t worry young lady! His friends, the other animals are all there to help him battle with the witch’s soldiers and white wolf. Everything is under control. All thanks to you. “

Soon they landed on a high ground not too far from the castle and stood together to watch the castle, wondering about the fierce battle that must be going on.

Then a terrible scream filled the air, cutting across the air. It came from the castle. Of course Lessie knew it to be the evil white witch.


Lessie gave a smile and knew that victory was in their hands. She could hear the sounds made by the other animals. The roar! The cry! The wail! The whistle! There must be a hundred types of animals in the castle fighting the evil of the witch.
But all these sounds had one meaning. Victory!

She could see the walls of the ice castle cracking and the towers shaking violently. It was only a matter of minute before the end of an evil reign.
Then the front wall started to collapse, crumble and fall. The sound of the breaking ice was enough to send chills of fear down the spine of anyone near enough to hear it.

The next scene was something Lessie knew she would never ever forget …. The main castle began to fall with a deep rumbling roar sending dust of snow flying into the air !

Then, the dust was blown away as if by a giant fan and out of it, emerge a white dragon with long pointed wings, equally long sweeping tail which ends with an evil-looking arrow head tip. It struggled to take off and was flapping its giant wings in desperation as if running away from something.

What a sight!

Chapter 11

Now, the wolf knew that Lessie had a way of communicating with the animals. He also knew that there were many animals frozen or trapped in the ice world on the ground outside the castle.

He was hoping that with melting snow, the animals would be freed.

“Lessie, go and check if any of the animals have been freed. Tell them to come in and help us. “

By now the melting snow was at such a high rate that a river was being formed outside the castle carrying the melted snow.

At this point, they saw the white soldiers coming towards the mirror room led by a white wolf. The wolf quickly came up with an escape plan. He shouted to Lessie,

“Look girl, they are here to kill us. I want you to get to that door and jump into the river and get away from this place! Go now!”

But Lessie would not have any of that. She replied the wolf,

“No! I’m not going without you. We go together or we die together you hear?”

‘Just do it you stubborn girl! Why are you so stubborn?”
The wolf shouted in desperation!

Soon the white wolf and the white soldiers arrived. They stopped and looked at the two who had destroyed the ice world.

“Well well well! Welcome back my old brownie!”

The white wolf snarled as the rest of the soldiers surrounded Lessie and her friend. Then he continued,

“What, is that all you have---a girl as a friend who, even now is going to leave you to your death?”

The white wolf continued teasing his brown counterpart.
Lessie turned to face the white wolf and without any fear in her voice, said,

“No! you don’t touch my friend , you hear!’

At this point, the white witch arrived at the scene, looking very angry and serious, she interrupted Lessie,

“Then you come forward to me and this ugly brown wolf will live.”
“Don’t listen to her Lessie! Go and save yourself and the other animals!” shouted the brown wolf!

The white witch let off a wild screech of laughter, and the other soldiers followed her.

“Hahahahaah! Awwww, how touching! They are such great friends! Go---get them now. Kill the brown wolf but I want that girl alive! “

The witch commanded the white wolf and the soldiers.
The brown wolf took a stance, ready for any eventualities, ready to fight and die as he growled at the soldiers. A fight soon broke out. A terrible fight!

The witch started to approached at the retreating Lessie. She was soon at the edge and looking down, climbed up the parapet and looked down the flowing river and the melting snow. Turning around, she saw the evil witch approaching her with her long fingers and long nails.

Lessie had no choice.
‘Take care my dear friend. We will meet again.” She shouted to her friend.
The white witch screamed,”No no no no! Come back here you silly girl!!”

With that she jumped down the 20 meter high castle wall as instructed by her friend the brown wolf.

Chapter 10

They went through the cold passages of the castle with determination to defeat the witch.

Room after room they searched for the witch. But she was nowhere to be found. Then they finally came to the last room in the castle and knew that she must be inside.
Cautiously, they peeked into the room.

They could sense the presence of evil even before they stepped into the room.
It was a strange room. Immediately they knew that this must be some kind of a ritual room. On the walls were written all the chants and words of spells.

“Well, looks like the ritual will start soon.”

The wolf told Lessie who was puzzled as she didn’t know what the ceremony was about. So she asked the wolf,

“What is this about? What is she doing and why? “
The wolf replied,

“Ahh, that wicked witch needs to take something special so that she could keep her strength, beauty and youth. Normally, she would take the heart of animal and eat them raw. However this will not give her what she wanted permanently. If she wants to be young, beautiful and strong forever, she must eat a human heart!”

Lessie stood staring at the wolf with her eyes wide opened. She could not believe what she had just heard. Her heart was beating so fast she could not control her emotion!

“What?” she almost screamed!

“Shhhhhh!!!!Quiet! She’ll hear us!” the wolf hushed her up and to lower her tone.
Both of them took a peek of the room. The wolf took a step back, obviously shocked at what he saw! Then he continued sadly,

“Oh no! The witch had just killed my friend, the deer. Oh my friend, my dear friend, I am going to miss you very much!”

Lessie knelt down and put an arm round the wolf’s neck and gave him a hug. Her other hand was patting his shoulder while she tried to comfort her new found friend. She felt the pain and sadness he was going through as if she had lost a dear friend herself.

Then she stood up, folded her arms and spoke boldly,

“Okay, what do we have to do to stop this wicked wicked woman from carrying out her plans? How can I help to save this kingdom of yours? Tell me wolf, and I’ll do it. We must stop this evil from destroying your world!”

The wolf was encouraged by the bravery of Lessie and he raised his head in defiance, and spoke,

“Yes! It is time we stop this madness! The witch must be stopped at all cost! The only way to destroy her Ice Kingdom is sunlight and brightness. Come on girl, we have only three hours before the nightfall takes over the evening sky! “

The wolf whispered to Lessie his plan and immediately they swung into action. They both ran to the mirror room. Between the two of them, they pushed or carried the mirrors and arranged all the mirrors at the door facing the outside world.

The idea was to catch the reflection of the not-so-bright sunlight and focus the ray on to the ice and snow outside the castle.
As soon as the reflected lights hit the snow and ice, the ground began to shake and tremble!

The ice began to crack. The crack became longer and wider. Then something happened. The ice and snow began to melt. It started to create little stream as the melting snow flowed away.

From a little streamlet, it became a stream. The water started to form holes in the ice and water was beginning to fall into crevices like waterfalls.
The twelve mirrors were doing a good job of redirecting and focusing the magnified sunray deep into the snow.

Somewhere in the room, can be heard a screeching voice screaming away. The witch was so enraged and angry!

“Where are my white soldiers? What are you all waiting for you idiots! Find and attack those who are responsible for this. Now! Now! Now!”

She continued screaming at the top of her voice!

The soldiers were running all over the place looking for Lessie and the wolf. It looked like the beginning of the end for the witch has begun!

Chapter 9

However after one step, Lessie collapsed on the floor. She was clutching her stomach and crying out loud,

“My tummy! Oh God! My tummy! It hurts!!!”

She was rolling on the cold floor, bending her knees and both hands holding her stomach. Anyone looking at her could feel the pain she was going through.
The wolf looked at her and wondered what was wrong. Then, his eyes lit up and remembered something.

“Didn’t you say the witch gave you food just now?” he asked.

“You see, the food is only good if you agree with the witch. But as soon as you show any feeling of disagreement with her, the food will turn to poison. That is why you are suffering now. This is her way of punishing you”.

Lessie was already crying. The pain was unbearable and she felt like she was dying. She started thinking of her family and was sobbing uncontrollably. She missed the security and comfort of her home badly

“Oh wolf, help me please! You are scaring me. I don’t want to die here. Please think of something. Please. It’s hurting me badly!”
The wolf was panicky for a while because he was relying on her to help him defeat the witch. It was so difficult because the witch always seemed to know if there was anybody planning anything against her.

Then, he gave a loud wolf cry, ‘ Ahhhoooooooo……..’, and shouted,

“Yes! Brave one, didn’t you take a bar of chocolate from the house where you found me just now? I know you kept half of the chocolate in the pocket of the jacket. Is it still there?”

Painfully Lessie struggled to put her hands in the pocket of the jacket, and took out the half bar of chocolate.

“Yes wolf. I still have it.”

“Good,” the wolf said.

“I believe we have found the cure to your pain. Now eat that chocolate because it comes from a different world and it would cure any poison or protect you from any spell that the witch gives you in this world!”

Gladly, Lessie put the chocolate in her mouth and painfully began chewing it. There was no difference. Fear was creeping in again. Then she swallowed the first mouthful of the chocolate.

Immediately she began to feel the effect. Her stomach was gradually becoming better. This went on for the next few minutes until she was totally free of any pain. It was a miracle.

As if she was given a new life, Lessie jumped up and patted the wolf’s head and said,

“Thank you my dear friend. Now come, we have a job to finish.”
….and the two new friends walked out of the room, determined to fight the evil witch and return the world to its natural condition.